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Sagano Presents Kishu Nanko Plum Set Dinner

Sagano creates an aromatic journey for you to uncover in the early summer.

Valid from
1 May to 30 June 2017

For Enquiries and Reservations


+852 2313 4215

Headed by Kyoto-born chef Masahiko Noka, Sagano, is serving Kishu Nanko Plum Set Dinner in May and June. The set dinner features a series of gastronomic delights crafted with the refreshing nanko plums from Kishu Prefecture in Japan, creating an aromatic journey for diners to uncover in the early summer.

Japanese plums, also known as ume, are popular ingredients in the food culture of Japan. The plums are used to produce a wide variety of food products, including pickles and umeshu plum liqueurs. With the long daylight hours and mild temperatures all year round in Kishu Prefecture, the nanko plums produced in the province are by far the most renowned variety in Japan.

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