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New World Millennium Hong Kong Hotel introduces a complimentary handy smartphone service. All guestrooms and suites are equipped with a multifunctional handy smartphone, at no additional cost to hotel guests. The handy smartphone enables hotel guests to enjoy unlimited local calls and international calls to over 15 destinations, as well as unlimited 4G mobile Internet access.

The handy can also be used as a WiFi hotspot, which allows guests to connect their personal notebook computer, tablet or other mobile communication devices to the Internet.  Moreover, guests may use some of the popular pre-set applications of handy, such as the interactive maps and Hong Kong city guide.

A list of offers across Hong Kong is also included on handy. Guests can take the handy with them, even out of the hotel, and stay connected with their friends and business partners during the day. To protect the privacy of guests, all browsing history and personal information will be completely cleared from the device when the guest checks out.

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